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Thomas Aquinas’s Summa Theologiæ

November 10, 2017


Two Distributive Doctrines

October 27, 2017

Two doctrines clearly stand out as distributive, that is, they are not restricted doctrines, but often determine how other doctrines are shaped and understood. The first doctrine is the Trinity. The other distributive doctrine is creation ex nihilo (out of nothing).


Intellectual Patience and Humanity

October 25, 2017

If we are to face and engage threats to the pursuit of good—whether intellectual or otherwise—we need to have an understanding and practice of virtues, which in turn requires a proper and well-informed theology of creation and humanity, and thus, a good doctrine of God.


A Defense of Divine Simplicity

October 20, 2017

While metaphysical, philosophical categories provide the language of simplicity, the theologians treated in this paper saw defending God’s simplicity as a biblical necessity to maintain the distinction between Creator and creature.


Jesus Is Better Than Seminary

October 18, 2017

Seminary can equip Christians, but it cannot make Christians. Only God can grant us true, saving knowledge that penetrates our hard hearts so that we see that Jesus is not only infinitively better than seminary, but anything else in all creation.


From Beginning to End

October 16, 2017

Though there are many differences between Genesis and Revelation, there are real similarities. Further, even the differences indicate similarity.


Calvin on the Public Rites of Confession and Absolution

October 13, 2017

John Calvin argues that the church’s worship should begin with a corporate prayer of confession.


A Compelling Proclamation

October 11, 2017

As much as we have a responsibility to proclaim the gospel, we must proclaim the gospel responsibly. The gospel is compelling in and of itself, so we should do our very best to share it in a way befitting that attribute.


Jesus Is Better Than Opium

October 04, 2017


Is Theology Possible?

September 29, 2017

Theology is possible because God is and God acts. Doubting theology’s possibility due to our finitude ultimately questions God’s goodness and power in revealing himself. Doubting theology’s possibility due to our fallenness ultimately is a forgetfulness of the cross and its implications.


A Priest Forever

September 22, 2017

Hebrews is the only New Testament book that expressly identifies Jesus as high priest. Indeed, Jesus’ high priesthood is at the forefront of the author’s concerns.