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Reading the New Testament

April 08, 2019

Reading the New Testament that records the fulfillment of the Old Testament and thus displays God’s faithfulness to his promises.


What Is Theology?

April 03, 2019

Theology is the study of God and everything else in its relation to God. And this study leads to knowing God, loving him, and living obediently to his word.


John Webster on Holy Scripture (2003)

April 01, 2019


The Old Testament—Scripture for You

March 27, 2019


Is BT Better?

March 25, 2019

Can we say that Biblical theology is better than the other disciplines (exegesis, historical theology, systematic theology, practical theology)?


Moses Pointed to the Messiah

March 18, 2019


Creaturely Dignity

March 04, 2019


The Asymmetrical Relation of God and Creatures

March 01, 2019


On Creatures

February 27, 2019

As we discuss the nature of creatures, we begin with a tautological confession: creatures are creatures. To treat them otherwise would be foolish and faithless.


Creation Out of Nothing

February 25, 2019

“The sequence [of creation out of nothing] is: there was nothing at all . . . now there is something.” –John Webster

Book Review

Recalling a Story Once Told

February 23, 2019

In Recalling a Story Once Told: An Intertextual Reading of the Psalter and the Pentateuch, John S. Vassar “investigate[s] the intertextual relationship between the Psalter and the Pentateuch.”