About God & the Gospel

Our Mission

God and the Gospel ultimately exists to glorify God by making him and his gospel known. It seeks to accomplish this task by offering numerous theological articles that attempt to enrich and cause others to grow in knowing God and his works. It is aimed to bridge the gap between scholastic theology and church pews. Thus, many articles will attempt to be academic and yet accessible, and further, devotional. Our desire is to help others love God more by having a solid and deep, yet accessible, theological understanding of God and his works.

There will be various articles written by numerous authors focusing on God himself and his works such as creation, redemption, and consummation. Further, we hope to shed light on how one should live in light of God and his gospel. Thus, there will be many articles on practical theology and the Christian life, articles explaining biblical texts, and numerous book reviews/suggestions. We hope that God and the Gospel helps others grow in their theological understanding of and, consequently, love for God.

Our theological articles will be categorized as follows: biblical theology, biblical interpretation, historical theology, practical theology, systematic theology, and some book reviews. Our plan is to post one article from each category throughout the week offering a wide-range of theological approaches to many matters.

If you ever have questions about our content, feel free to shoot us an email at Godandthegospel@gmail.com, or follow us at @Godandthegospel. We hope this collaborative blog can be a grace to you in furthering your knowledge of God with the result that you may joyfully glorify him.

– From the Team at God and the Gospel